Insulation Foam Buying Guide

For new crafters, finding and buying XPS (Insulation Foam) can be confusing, overwhelming, and sometimes difficult depending on where you live. My goal here is to compile the most comprehensive list ever made of where to buy the stuff. First, if you have not seen it, check out my video where I explain what XPS foam is, and why I use it.

Now that you are convinced that you need to buy some, here is all the information I have gathered for where to buy it in YOUR country. I can only confirm the info for Canada myself, and all other information has been submitted by viewers.

When you are on a store’s website looking for the material, I have found that searching the products for “XPS” to yield the best results. It is the most universal tag word for the product and usually brings back results even on non english web stores.

If you know a place to buy foam in your country that is not listed here, please send me a message and I’ll add the info to this list. And if you send me a photo of the product in your local store I will post it here with the info.


For once Canada is lucky, in that it seems XPS foam is more widely available and cheaper here than anywhere else, even the US. Suck it USA!

The two best options for purchase in Canada are: Home Depot (Foamular), Rona (DOW), and Lowes.


United States

The best place to buy XPS foam in the US is essentially they same as Canada, although the thicknesses may be more limited depending on your state.

Home Depot (Foamular), Lowes, Menards, and similar stores.


Can be purchased at Bunnings under the brand name Knauf


Can be purchased in most hardware stores like Gamma (brand Jackodur), Brico, and Hubo


Celprom, Acital Isolamentos Térmicos e Acústicos, and Leroy Merlin


Can be purchased at Byggmax under the brand name Cellplast:


Can be purchased at the major building supply stores like BauhausHornbachObi, and Hagebau but availability may vary by location.


(Mainland) Info needed

(Okinawa) Can be purchased at MakeMan in many thicknesses


Finnish made “Finnfoam” & cheaper Russian made Penoplex can be purchased at most major hardware stores (Moki VežSenukaiErmitažas)


Styrodur can be purchased from


Can be purchased at major hardware stores (please contact me with names of big stores in Sweden)


I’ve been told that no stores sell it in Thailand, howerver there is a manufacturer there that actually makes it and will sell direct to the public: Advance Cold Room

United Kingdom

Please contact me with info

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